The Agnes Robinson Waterloo Public Library is dedicated to providing a welcoming safe environment for persons of all ages. The library’s public behavior rules are intended to (1) protect the rights and safety of library users, (2) protect the rights and safety of staff members, and (3) preserve and protect the library’s materials, facility and property.

Library users who violate the Rules of Conduct may be subject to the suspension of their library privileges, be excluded from the Library and/or face legal action. A copy of the Rules of Conduct is included in the Behavior Policy and may be viewed and/or a copy provided if requested. All regulations are subject to the Director’s discretion. Only in the event of the Director’s absence, if the circumstance warrants immediate attention, shall the Assistant Librarian determine whether or not to extricate anyone violating the Code of Conduct Rules.


  1. In situations where the library staff feels the health, safety or security of library users or staff members are threatened, the Director may take any and all appropriate action including, but not limited to, calling the police for assistance.
  2. The Director may ask a library user to leave the premises with or without prior warning, depending upon the seriousness of the violation.

Further suspension of Library privileges may be imposed, if deemed necessary by the Director and the patron or visitor violating the Rules of Conduct will be so advised.


The Director will complete an Incident Report for every applicable incident.

Rules of Conduct:

Library users must adhere to the following Rules of Conduct:

Illegal Activities, Including but not Limited to:

  • Committing or attempting to commit any activity that constitutes a violation of any federal, state or Village of Waterloo statute or ordinance
  • Engaging in sexual conduct or lewd behavior on library premises, as defined under Nebraska Penal Law
  • Use of controlled substances on library premises
  • Smoking or other use of tobacco inside library building.
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages on library premise
  • Possessing, selling, distributing, displaying or using any dangerous weapon upon library premises or using or threatening the use of any other object in such a manner that it may be considered a weapon.

Harmful, Destructive, or Destructive Behavior, Including but not Limited to:

  • Engaging in conduct that disrupts or interferes with the normal operation of the library, or disturbs staff and library users. Such conduct includes:
  • The use of abusive or threatening language or gestures
  • Creation of unreasonable noise
  • Loud or boisterous behavior or talking
  • Disobeying the reasonable direction of the Director and/or Assistant Librarian.
  • Soliciting, petitioning or distributing written materials or canvassing on library premises for any purpose without express permission of the Director and/or Assistant Librarian.
  • Interfering with the free passage of library staff members or library users in or onto library premises including, but not limited to, placing objects such as bicycles, skateboards, scooters, strollers, shopping carts or backpacks in such a manner as to impede access to or from the library.
  • Bringing bicycles and other means of transportation inside library building, including, but not limited to, the lobby or the walkway to the entrance where no bicycle rack is provided.

Other Inappropriate Behavior:

  • Bringing animals other than service animals inside library buildings without the prior permission of library staff.
  • Violating the library’s Policy & Guidelines for Responsible Internet Use.
  • Sleeping in the library or on the library premises.
  • Use of library restrooms for bathing, shaving, washing hair, or changing clothes.
  • Putting feet up on the library furnishings, such as tables, chairs, computer desks, etc.
  • Use of any personal electronic equipment, including cell phones, radios, CD players, etc., at a volume that disturbs others.
  • Entering library building with bare feet or no shirt.
  • Disturbing others because of offensive body odor.

Approved by the Agnes Robinson Waterloo Public Library Board of Trustees on June 27, 2017.