We’re so excited to announce our brand new special collection of STREAM kits, available for checkout at ARWPL. What is STREAM, you ask? Keep reading to learn more!

What is STREAM?

STREAM stands for: Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Math. Based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), which became popularized in 2006, STREAM adds two important elements to a well-rounded education: reading and the arts. Literacy is just as important to critical thinking as the other elements of STREAM. This added layer allows students to interpret their STEM education through the real-world lenses that reading and the arts provide.

What does this mean for my library?

Thanks to a gracious fundraiser hosted in the summer of 2019, we raised the funds necessary to modernize our library by incorporating STREAM tools and kits into our collection. This means that library patrons (starting at age 6 months!) can now check out robots, engineering kits, books about coding, and more – right here in Waterloo!

What are the benefits of STREAM?

In addition to developing their reading and literacy skills at the library, students can now enhance their science, math, and technology-based skills here, too. Students are able to introduce themselves to scientific concepts by experimenting with real-life materials, games, kits, robots, and books.

Research shows that technology and science experience is critical in the 21st-century job market. Our STREAM collection allows students to become acquainted with these skills early in life so they can collect the tools necessary to reach their dreams in the future.

How can I check out a STREAM kit?

  • You must have a library card: They are free for everyone, regardless of your zip code.
  • Your library account must be in good standing: All of your library materials must be turned in on time. We do not charge fines, but if any items on your account have been lost or are missing, you must pay the replacement fee before checking out a STREAM kit.
  • Only adult cardholders are able to check out STREAM kits on behalf of family members, and
  • The library user checking out the STREAM kit must sign our STREAM Kit Policy before taking the kit home.
  • Only one STREAM Kit may be checked out to a family at a time.
  • STREAM Kits may only be checked out for two weeks.

What STREAM kits does the library have?

Click here to browse our collection of STREAM kits!