General Questions

What holidays will the library be closed?

The schedule of closing for our current fiscal year are:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

The current monthly calendar will designate when the Library will be closed for a holiday.

Do you accept donated books?

The Agnes Robinson Waterloo Public Library does accept used books, CDs, DVDs, and audiobooks. Items need to be clean, dry, and in otherwise good condition. Books stored in a garage or damp basement rarely survive and should be disposed of. Sorry, we do not accept text books. All items are evaluated for addition to the library’s collection. Those items not added to the collection are sold at the annual book sale. Donated items may be dropped off at the Library, stop by the customer service desk for a donation receipt. We do not accept: textbooks, encyclopedias, medical books, Reader’s Digest, or any outdated reference-type books.

Questions About Library Cards & Accounts

What I.D. is required to obtain a library number?

To obtain a library number, it is necessary to come into the library and fill out a Library Card Application. It is necessary to fill out this card with your phone number, email address and birth date as well as current address. It is also important to connect your card with others in your household. This can be done at the time of signing up for your library card.

How much does a library card cost?

Library cards are free of charge for all Waterloo residents and non-residents age five and over.

When does my library card expire?

There is no expiration date on the library cards. However, we do ask that you keep the library advised for any changes in address or phone number.

What do I do if I’ve lost my library card?

Since the library does not issue physical cards, only numbers, you will not have a card to carry. If you have misplaced or lost your library number, contact the Circulation Desk for assistance.

The catalog is asking for my password. I didn’t even know I had a password!

A password is needed to use to access your account on our catalog via the Apollo program. Generally, your password will initially be your registered phone number. You will be given the option to change the password on your first login into the Apollo program.

If you’ve forgotten your password or PIN, library staff can reset it for you; please call or stop in during our open hours. Be sure to have your library card number when you call. You can also ask staff to change your PIN, or you may change it yourself by logging into your account (on the Internet or on one of our catalog computers) and clicking on “change my password.”

Questions About Checking Out & Renewing Materials

How long can materials be borrowed?

Most materials can be borrowed for two week period and may be renewed for two additional weeks if no one is waiting for them. Items requested by another customer cannot be renewed. DVDs check out for seven days. Downloadable audiobooks and eBooks check out for seven days.

How many items can I borrow?

You may have up to 10 items on your account at one time. No more than 4 DVDs per household can be borrowed at once.

All copies of the book I want are checked out. Can I be notified when one comes back in?

You can place a hold (sometimes also called a request or a reserve) on an item and when it is returned we will hold it for you at the library and send you a notice. There is no charge for this service. Notices are sent by phone, e-mail, or text.

How do I renew my books?

Most books and other items may be renewed up to two times, provided there are no requests for them. Call or stop in our library to request a renewal. It is not necessary to bring your materials to renew them.

How much are overdue fees?

At this time, the library does not collect fines. We however do have an “honor” box by the circulation desk that you may add money to if you feel obligated to pay something for overdue books.

Can I pay my fees with a credit or debit card?

The Library does not accept credit or debit cards, only checks or cash.

I’ve lost an item that I borrowed! How much do I have to pay?

The fee for lost items is the replacement price, or, at the discretion of the director, you may replace the lost item with a new one of the same title and format.

Can you notify me by e-mail about overdue books?

You can sign up for courtesy e-mail notifications by contacting the library.

Questions About Library Items

What does it mean when an item is “being held”?

If an item is being held, someone has requested to have it held for them when it became available.

The catalog says the book I want is “In Process.” What does that mean?

“In Process” means that the library has received the item and it is being prepared for use.

The catalog says the book I want is “To be shelved.” What does that mean?

A status of “To be shelved” means that the book has recently been returned and may not yet be back on the shelf. The first place to check for such books is on the shelf where they belong, as the book may have already been shelved. If it’s not there, there may be some carts of books waiting to be shelved that you can check out. If the book you want is not in any of these places, you may need to try again in a few days.

Questions About Other Library Services

How can I get access from my home computer to the Online Resources the library subscribes to?

There are several ways to access the Agnes Robinson Waterloo Public Library.

1. Click on the Browse Catalog button on the first page of our website. Next and follow the instructions on the page that comes up; in most cases you will need to enter your library card number and password/PIN.

2. Click on the connection button on our Facebook page. Follow the instructions on the page that comes up; in most cases you will need to enter your library card number and password/PIN.

(Please note that due to licensing restrictions, a few of our Online Resources are not available for access from home.)

Do you offer wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) access?

Free wireless Internet access is available at the library.

Do you have a computer that I can use to type a letter or a resume on?

Computers with office software are available at the library.

Does the library provide copying service or allow printouts from library computers?

Black and white or color copies cost $.10 for each page. Printouts from the computer are the same price. Copy paper from the library must be used at all times in the copier, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Director.

Does the library provide fax service?

Yes, the library offers outgoing (send) fax services. There is no cost for local faxes. Long Distance Faxes cost is $1.00 per page sent. Foreign faxes are priced at $2.00 per page sent.

Does the library have a laminator?

The library does have a laminator. This machine will laminate poster size items as well as small items. The cost for laminating is $.75 per foot. The library cannot be responsible for items damaged during lamination. The laminator does get hot, therefore staff will assist patrons with laminating.

Does the library have an Accu-cut Machine?

The library does have an Accu-Cut machine. The cost is $.10 per sheet if the library’s paper is used. The use of the machine is free if the patron brings their own paper. This machine does have sharp edges, therefore it is asked that the machine not be used unless staff is present.

When is your annual Book Sale held?

Agnes Robinson Waterloo Public Library’s annual Book Sale is normally held in May. Details about hours and location are usually available in early April.

Can I have a test proctored at the library?

We are not currently able to offer proctoring services.

Do you have meeting rooms available for the public to use?

Meeting Rooms can be reserved for groups and organizations. The Library Board has determined the following fee and deposit guidelines:

  • A $50 security deposit with no usage fee for civic organizations.
  • A $50 security deposit, plus a $25 usage fee for private not for profit use, i.e., a baby or bridal shower, graduation party, etc.
  • A $50 security deposit, plus $50 usage fee for profitable use, i.e., jewelry parties or other sales events, seminars, workshops, or programs where money is collected for fees or clubs where a membership fee is charged or educational event where tuition is collected.

Paperwork must be completed a week prior to the event.