STREAM = Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Math.

  1. Agnes Robinson Waterloo Public Library (ARWPL) adult cardholders in good standing shall be eligible to borrow the Library’s STREAM Kits.
  2. Kits must be checked out by an adult cardholder (18 years or older).
  3. Only one (1) Kit per family may be checked out at a time.
  4. Kits circulate for a period of 2 weeks.
  5. Kits may not be renewed unless otherwise authorized by the Director.
  6. Children using the Kits must be within the prescribed age range and adult supervision is required.
  7. The loaned Kit is to be returned inside the Library directly to the Librarian and not left on the Circulation desk if the Librarian is not present or in the Library’s Drop Box inside or outside.
  8. The Library cardholder is responsible for the contents of the Kit. Each Kit contains a detailed list of all items in the Kit, along with the replacement cost of the Kit.
  9. Everything in plastic sheet protectors, such as instructions for using the Kit, should remain in the plastic sheet protectors.
  10. The Library reserves the right to inspect the Kits in front of the patron before and/or after checkout.
  11. The Kit will be inspected for completeness of pieces, damages and cleanliness and will be cleaned and disassembled if needed prior to being returned to circulation.
  12. In the event any piece(s) are missing, the borrower will be given one week to locate and return missing item(s).
  13. If missing item(s) cannot be located, the Librarian will look for replacement part(s), and the patron will be charged accordingly.
  14. If parts are not available and a new Kit has to be purchased, the patron will be charged the full replacement cost of the Kit as listed on the Parts Sheet included with each Kit.
  15. The borrower will be given a copy of the Library’s STREAM Kits Circulation Policy upon checking out a Kit.
  16. If the borrower fails to abide by any of the terms in the Library’s STREAM Kits Circulation Policy, the borrower may forfeit the privilege to borrow Kits in the future based on the discretion of the Library Director. 
  17. By checking the Kits out and signing below, the borrower is agreeing to the terms of the Library’s STREAM Kits Circulation Policy:

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees on January 13, 2020.