Daycare/School/Group Visits:

The Agnes Robinson Waterloo Public Library encourages group visits to the library by local daycares, schools, organizations, and groups.

An appointment must be scheduled: Because we have a very busy schedule, especially during summer months with our Summer Reading Program, we ask any group that plans to visit the library to schedule an appointment at least a week prior to their visit, even if staff assistance is not required. In this way, we can avoid conflicts between groups and provide better assistance to all our users. Groups must limit their visits to once every three months, unless other provisions are made with the Director. Groups must stay only the allotted length of time scheduled up to one half hour unless attending a library program.

Groups must have a purpose for their visit: When a group comes with a clear purpose (i.e. exploring a literary theme, conducting research), library staff can provide the group with needed services while maintaining an orderly and educational atmosphere for all our patrons. This is important for groups of four or more and especially for daycares, preschool, elementary and middle school children. Students learn to use the library and appreciate library resources when they have a positive library experience.

Groups must be well-supervised: Teachers or adult supervisors and caregivers must remain with the group at all times. Groups should not split up to different areas of the library unless each part of the group has a teacher or supervisor with them.

Children under no circumstances will be allowed to use the computers during their visit for the purpose of playing games, accessing YouTube or social networking.

If the librarians find the group is not in keeping with the rules of this policy as well as, the Rules of Conduct listed in the Behavior Policy, and are causing a distraction to other library users, they will be asked to leave and will not be allowed to schedule another library visit.

Approved by the Agnes Robinson Waterloo Library Board of Trustees on May 13, 2013.