Area Served: The Village of Waterloo and surrounding communities.



  1. Hours open are to be flexible, based on the community need and subject to the approval of the Library Board. The open hours shall be plainly posted and shall not be less than 28 hours per week.
  1. Fees for service will be plainly posted, set by the Library Board and subject to regular Library Board review.
  1. Library equipment will not be loaned.
  1. All Library services will be available during open hours with the hours of children, young adult, adult and special departments being the same.
  1. Services will be available without charge and shall consist of but not be limited to: 1) free loan of circulating print and digital materials from the local collection, and 2) general reference and information services, 3) other services including, computers, copy machine, laminator, faxing and scanning, etc. All are available for public use. Some fees apply.



  1. The Agnes Robinson Waterloo Public Library shall consist of five (5) regular members and one (1) alternate member appointed by the Village Board with the Library Board and Director’s recommendation.
  1. Regular members are appointed for three (3) year terms, and may be considered to serve again after being off the board for one year. The alternate member shall be appointed to a one-year term.
  1. The alternate member shall participate in board discussions, committees, and activities as a non-voting member except when a member of the board is absent: at which time the alternate shall have full voting privileges. Alternate members shall not assume the role of the President or Vice President. The alternate provides consistency in membership should a board member be absent, resign or complete a term. When a vacancy occurs the alternate is appointed to the board if that person is interested in the vacancy and is willing to assume responsibilities as a board member.
  1. Any three (3) voting members of the Library Board shall constitute a quorum.
  1. Officers of the Library Board shall be a President, Vice-President and a Secretary.
  1. All members of the Library Board shall reside within the Village of Waterloo and be qualified to vote in local elections.
  1. Any member desiring to resign from the Library Board shall submit his/her resignation in writing to the Director or Board President who shall present it to the Village Board. A list of current Board Members shall be provided to the Nebraska Library Commission and they shall be notified of any changes in membership.
  1. Board members shall be a current Library user and have a strong desire to preserve and promote the Library. A member shall be knowledgeable of the Agnes Robinson Waterloo Public Library policies and laws affecting libraries.



  1. Meetings of the Library Board will be held in January, March, May, July, September and November on the second Monday of each state month.

The meeting notice shall be posted in at least one public place and the Open Meeting Act post on the wall of the meeting room.

  1. The annual meeting, which shall be for the purpose of the election of officers, shall be held at the time of the regular meeting in November of each year.
  1. Special meetings may be called as necessary.
  1. Financial reports and the Librarian’s report will be reviewed at each meeting.
  1. Study and review of Library developments shall be conducted at each meeting by the Director in conjunction with the Library Board.
  1. Review and revisions of By-Laws, goals, objectives and Library policies shall be jointly conducted by the Library Board, the Director and Staff throughout the year.
  1. Budgetary plans will be developed and reviewed by the Director and Library Board on an on-going basis with an annual review in September.



  1. The Library Director and Board will decide on the type and quality of material added to the Library collection. Controversial books and materials will be reviewed in accordance with the principles outlined in the “Nebraska Intellectual Freedom Handbook” (the Library Bill of Rights).
  1. No service of the Agnes Robinson Waterloo Public Library shall be denied to any person on the basis of race, sex, religion, age, color, national origin, ancestry, physical handicap or marital status.
  1. Gifts and memorials from the public are acceptable. Reasonable attempts will be made to utilize the donation in accordance with the stated wishes (if any) of the donor upon approval of the Library Board.
  1. No staff member of the Library may serve on the Library Board.
  1. No significant endowment may be donated to the Library by an acting Library Board member during their term of service.
  1. All goals, policies, issues, by-laws and regulations must be ratified before they are enacted by a majority of Library Board members.
  1. Copies of the Agnes Robinson Waterloo Public Library By-laws, Mission Statement, Discrimination Statement and other documents pertinent to the public function of the Library shall be on file for the public to view.
  1. In matter of disagreement or uncertainty concerning Library policies, the Library Board shall refer to the Nebraska Intellectual Freedom Handbook; the Trustee’s Handbook, or other avenue of assistance provided by the Nebraska Library Commission.
  1. The Director or Staff shall NOT be responsible for censorship of ANY reading material.

Approved by the Agnes Robinson Waterloo Public Library Board of Trustees on January 13, 2020.