The Waterloo Village Board shall appoint a member of the Village Board of Trustees, to serve in capacity of liaison to the Agnes Robinson Waterloo Public Library Board, in order to facilitate a working relationship between the Village Board and the Library Board and provide information to each other.

The Library Liaison attends meetings if so directed by the Village Board. The Library Liaison does not possess any voting rights on the Library Board in any capacity.

The liaison may address the Library Board, however, it must be included on the agenda. For any regular meeting of the Agnes Robinson Waterloo Public Library Board agenda items must be submitted to the Director prior to closing on the Thursday preceding the scheduled meeting, unless an exception is made by the Director and/or the Library Board.

Any recommendations made by the liaison, on behalf of the Village Board, during the discussion of the agenda item, will be taken into consideration by the Library Board.

Approved by the Agnes Robinson Waterloo Public Library Board of Trustees on February 4, 2019.