The Waterloo Public Library welcomes everyone who is using the library or attending a library program, or renting the library’s meeting room, to park in the library’s parking lot. To ensure their health and safety, the following policy has been implemented by the Waterloo Public Library Board of Trustees and will be enforced at all times. This policy includes all outdoor areas on the library premises, including the parking lot, sidewalks, stairway, benches, picnic tables, waste disposal containers, signage, grassy areas, landscaping, book depository and mailbox.

Parking Lot Rules and Guidelines:

  • Parking is allowed within the lined spaces only.
  • The parking lot is off limits to heavy trucks and semi trailers.
  • No parking in handicapped spaces without a valid permit.
  • Parked cars must not interfere with pedestrian use.
  • No overnight parking is allowed except by permission of the Library Director.
  • All automobile accidents occurring on library property must be reported to the police.
  • Stopping, standing or parking is not permitted in front of the book depository.
  • The parking lot may not be used for the purpose of displaying or advertising a vehicle
    that is for sale.
  • No signage of any kind may be displayed unless otherwise authorized by the Director.
  • The parking lot is to be used for parking only and not for the use as any type of public
    forum including rallies or meetings unless authorized by the Director.
  • Smoking or the use of a tobacco product is not allowed any place on library property,
    where secondary smoke can disturb others. Smoking is allowed outside if there is no
    scheduled outdoor activity and as long as it is away from the main entrance. Underage smoking is prohibited.
  • Roller skates, rollerblades, scooters, skateboards and bicycles are prohibited from the
    library property at all times. This includes during the hours the library is closed. Bicycles and scooters used as transportation by library patrons are allowed during open hours, only if placed in the bike rack before entering. However, recreational or “extreme” bicycling is prohibited on library property at all times. This is for the safety of the library patrons and also those engaging in the activity and also to avoid damage to library property and/or any vehicles in the parking area.
  • For the enjoyment and safety of the library users, playing sports on the library grounds is prohibited.
  • Anyone not associated with a group or individual renting the library’s meeting room while the library is closed, is not allowed to enter the library at any time or occupy any area of the library property for any reason, including the use of the library’s wireless internet.
  • No loitering. People are not permitted on library grounds after hours. Loitering is defined as: individuals who are lingering within the building or outside after the library has closed with no clear purpose or who are not using the library facilities for their intended purposes. It is the discretion of the Director whether or not to consider an individual as loitering.
  • Other activities prohibited on the library grounds are: vandalism; harassment of
    patrons or staff; littering; excessive noise; rowdiness; disruptive behavior; violence; reckless or unsafe driving; use of controlled substances; soliciting and distribution; or any activity deemed inappropriate by the Director.

Anyone violating these rules, or engaging in any unlawful activity on the library’s premises, will be subject to action by the Waterloo Police Department and all library privileges will be suspended or revoked.

The materials and equipment outside the Waterloo Public Library are here for public use. Any purposeful damage done to the building or property outside the library is against the law and will be reported to the Waterloo Police and prosecuted.

The library does not at any time or under any condition assume any responsibility for damage to or theft of any privately-owned vehicle in the parking lot or for personal injury, from any cause whatsoever, to any person or persons utilizing the parking lot or any of the library grounds.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees on January 29, 2013.