Security cameras are used at the Agnes Robinson Waterloo Public Library to enhance the safety and security of library users and staff by discouraging violations of the Library’s Rules of Conduct, to assist library staff in preventing the occurrence of any violations, and when necessary, to provide law enforcement assistance in prosecuting criminal activity.

Security Camera Purpose and Placement Guidelines

  • Video recording cameras will be used in public spaces of library locations to discourage criminal activity and violations of the Library’s Rules of Conduct. The recording of audio is restricted under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and will not be used.
  • Cameras may be installed in outdoor and indoor places where individuals lack reasonable expectation of privacy. For example, public common areas such as parking lots and entrances, and areas prone to theft or misconduct.
  • Cameras will not be installed in areas of the Library where individuals have a reasonable expectation of privacy such as restrooms or private offices.
  • Signs will be posted at the entrance informing the public and staff that security cameras are in use.
  • Because cameras will not be continuously monitored, the public and staff should take appropriate precautions for their safety and for the security of their personal property. Neither the Agnes Robinson Waterloo Public Library nor the Village of Waterloo is responsible for loss of property or personal injury.
  • Security cameras differ in their recording length, and will automatically record over themselves as new images are recorded. Video records will not be maintained, provided no criminal activity or policy violation has occurred.
  • Regarding the placement and use of the digital recording cameras, staff and patron safety is the first priority; protection of library property is of secondary importance.
  • Cameras are not installed nor will they be used for the purpose of monitoring staff performance.

Use/Disclosure of Video Records

  • Access to the archived footage in pursuit of documented incidents of injury, criminal activity or violation of the Library’s code of Conduct is restricted to the Library Director and designated library staff.
  • The Library Director and designated library staff may also have access to real-time images, viewable on desktop monitors placed in secure areas within the library to ensure private access. The frequency of viewing and the amount of video viewed will be limited to the minimum needed to give assurance that the system is working or to ascertain if footage is available relative to a specific incident.
  • Access is also allowed by law enforcement when pursuant to a subpoena, court order, or when otherwise required by law.
  • A log will be maintained with name, date, time, and reason for all viewing access including: proper maintenance of system; investigation of an incident; pursuant to a subpoena, etc.

Disclaimer of Responsibility

  • A copy of this policy may be shared with any patron or staff member upon request. The policy is also posted on the Agnes Robinson Waterloo Public Library’s official website.
  • Questions from the public or law enforcement inquiries will be directed to the Library Director.
  • The Library disclaims any liability for use of the video data in accordance with the terms of this policy, given that the library is a public facility and the security cameras shall be limited to those areas where patrons and/or staff have no reasonable expectation of privacy, and all images are viewed only by the Library Director and/or designated staff.

Approved by the Agnes Robinson Waterloo Public Library Board of Trustees.