After almost a year of living in a global pandemic under our belts, you may be feeling like you’re in a rut. Sound familiar? That’s why we are offering a brand new reading challenge for 2021 to get you out of your comfort zone and spark joy in your reading life.

What’s the challenge? Twelve books, twelve categories, in twelve months. Follow the reading prompts below to select books that fall into each category. Stumped? Have no fear! We will supply you with ideas and recommendations along the way.

How to Begin:

Stop by the library to pick up your Reading Challenge log (pictured to the left), request one via curbside pickup, or download and print one at home (see below).

Read at your own pace and pleasure. You can complete the challenge prompts in any order and during any month.

Be sure to log the book you finished for each prompt on the lines provided!

The Rules:

Complete ten out of the twelve challenge prompts by the end of 2021 to be entered in a prize giveaway.

Complete all twelve challenge prompts by the end of 2021 for an additional entry in the giveaway drawing.

No repeats: Each book you read may only be used for one challenge prompt.

All formats count: Audiobooks, ebooks, graphic novels, physical books… they all count! Let us know if you need help accessing our digital collection of free, downloadable ebooks and audiobooks.

Ages 16+: We welcome young adults and adults to participate in this year-long reading challenge.

The Challenges:

Click on the link provided for each challenge prompt to see our hand-picked book recommendations!

  1. Read a book set in Nebraska or by a Nebraska author.
  2. Read a book published in the decade you were born.
  3. Read a memoir by someone you’d like to meet (dead or alive).
  4. Read a book by a Native American/First Nations/Indigenous author.
  5. Read a book set in a country different from your own.
  6. Read a collection of essays or short stories.
  7. Listen to an audiobook.
  8. Read a book you’ve been intimidated to read.
  9. Read a nonfiction book written by a woman.
  10. Read a book about animals, nature, science, or the environment.
  11. Read a book adapted into a movie or TV series.
  12. Read an author’s debut novel published in 2021.