In the 21st century, virtually everything is online. From applying for jobs and unemployment benefits to simply connecting with loved ones and surfing the Web, technology is a critical part of participating in today’s society.

That’s why we’re offering laptops, tablets, and Wi-Fi hotspots to be checked out by library members in good standing. Now, from the comfort of your own home, you can complete assignments, play videogames, catch up on Zoom, and connect your smartphone or tablet to a reliable Internet connection.

Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

A Wifi hotspot is a small machine (pictured left) that carries an Internet signal. Connect your smartphone, tablet, or computer to the Wifi hotspot in your Wifi settings to access a reliable Internet connection, or link your device to the Wifi hotspot using the small USB cable provided. No router needed!

Check out a Wifi hotspot here.


A laptop is a small, portable computer with a screen and a built-in keyboard. Laptops allow you to work virtually anywhere, whether you’re at a desk or on the couch.

Deciding between checking out a laptop or a tablet? The built-in keyboard makes laptops a great option for completing homework, typing essays or emails, and filling out applications or forms.

Check out a laptop here.


A tablet is a portable device that consists of a large touch screen display, resembling a really big smartphone. Tablets are a lot like laptops, except there is no built-in keyboard, so typing is done by touching the screen.

Tablets are a great choice for casual computing activities such as playing videogames, watching videos, browsing the Web, and reading ebooks. They are not ideal for completing complicated forms like job applications.

Check out a tablet here.

Before checking out a device, please review our Wi-Fi to Go: Mobile Hotspot Lending Policy, Laptop/Tablet To-Go Checkout Policy, and In-Library Laptop/Tablet Checkout Policy.

Thanks for connecting with us!

This project is supported in part by the Library Services and Technology Act, administered by the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services and granted by the Nebraska Library Commission.